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Henan Junteng in our joint efforts of all staff, have been at home and abroad to establish a global logistics network system. And has a number of agents in Europe and the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia. In China, we have been in perfect within the logistics and distribution systems in Henan Province, the province can be achieved to reach the cargo clearance services after the end of the day. And with the major airlines have maintained a good working relationship with our efforts and dedication, successfully build a safe, fast efficient cargo transport platform. We insist on cooperation with the professional team, with years of accumulated reputation and credibility for customers to solve all kinds of different logistics problems and distress, and to provide manufacturers and operators worldwide supply chain management, and a variety of special products transport logistics solutions, and so on. 
Our international network advantage, competitive tariff advantages to help your products to the highest efficiency at the lowest cost to seize the Chinese market, we localized the destination port clearance delivery service, giving you the peace of mind of the user experience the most tight, so your professional gathered in their business development in order to improve your overall competitiveness. 
Henan Junteng use efficiency / economy than the best way to reach customers cargo security.

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