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Junteng global line services through the integration of a global courier resources, has opened the United States, Canada, Central and South American countries, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, Western Europe and Eastern Europe line services, and with a number internationally renowned major courier companies to maintain a close working relationship, wide service coverage, aging fast, flexible operation. Our future goal is to continue to develop more and newer courier products, increase global coverage and services, increase market share Dedicated courier products, continuously improve product aging, while reasonable to reduce costs, improve market competitiveness. Improve the comprehensive information system, to promote the concept of express delivery platform to enhance freight Junteng brand building and publicity, so Junteng become ubiquitous in the hearts of choice and value for money quality brand. Directly on Junteng website, convenient and simple. And without additional fees charged in remote areas in most areas.

Chargeable Weight 0.5KG onwards 
Cargo size is larger than a single piece 30KG, please contact after delivery 
Whether meter bubble yes. Volume weight calculation: length × width × height / 6000 
Acceptance countries around the world 190 countries 
Reference aging from 2 to 7 days 
Prices of different prices in different countries of destination, please consult salesman 
Whether to provide query yes. www.hnjtexp.com 
Monthly rate of change of fuel, please note Junteng website 
AWB request in triplicate, the sender must provide detailed information on the waybill, recipient information, number of pieces, weight, name, customs declared value 
Customs invoice (bill) in triplicate 
A special certificate / clearance information Outbox company if they can provide valid documents issued by government departments, such as: a quota permit, license, certificate of origin, inspection certificate, fumigation certificate, FDA certificate, MSDS certificates, etc., should these documents accompanying the consignment and on the invoice attached to the cargo 
Send a range of aviation embargo allowed dangerous goods, liquid, powder and so on; countries banned the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and other products invasion only

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