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International express business: Junteng company with UPS, DHL, FEDEX, TNT and other large international express company to maintain long-term cooperation with Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other ports have good relations of cooperation, express mail can reach all countries and regions, always providing customers with excellent, efficient and economical courier services. And based on business cases, specifically developed in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East and other highly price advantage line service, providing customers with a variety of choices. 
International air transport operations: Junteng company has worldwide service network of agents, with many well-known airlines to establish a good relationship of cooperation, can reach all the world's major airports. And to provide import and export booking, mention home delivery, customs port and destination, inspection, charge d'affaires mechanical and electrical permits, insurance, transport regulation, inspection, packaging, warehousing, shipping and other services. Tariff concessions to ensure that accommodation. Transit cargo can be booked in advance for two-way cargo, safe, efficient, which is to provide customers with the most efficient transportation, the cheapest tariff strong guarantee. And for import booking business abroad each port to Zhengzhou. Normal business took the customer for a single, customs clearance, payment of various taxes and fees, the station delivery, land-to-door one-stop service. Zhengzhou airport in a person responsible for the coordination and clearance operations 
International shipping business: Junteng company with a number of shipping companies at home and abroad to establish a wide range of business, such as: COSCO, China Shipping, Sinotrans, Hanjin, CMA CGM, Hyundai, Maersk, Wan Hai and so on. In Japan and South Korea, North America and Europe Mediterranean route there are very preferential tariffs. 
Customs operations: the years of customs practices, Junteng company and customs, commodity inspection, such as establishing a good relationship. In addition, the company has a person responsible for the timely processing of all kinds of difficult and unforeseen circumstances, a 24-hour contact phone number.

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