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谷歌 in San Francisco to try to "same day delivery" express service

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SAN FRANCISCO, October 27 morning news, "New York Times" reported that 谷歌 has begun testing in San Francisco, "the day of delivery" express service, but only for the current test 谷歌 employees and their friends. 
The reason 谷歌 to enter this market is very complex, and probably the most important reason is that: 谷歌's most advertising revenue from e-commerce advertising. Development of mobile Internet will be online and offline business activities combined together. And 谷歌 is also trying to pay for services, and launched 谷歌 Wallet this tool. 
By providing courier services, 谷歌 will know almost all of the information transaction, how to pay, and where the goods they receive from consumer search product information to consumers. 
Currently, 49 square miles of land in San Francisco has become more than a company to carry out "day delivery" express service plots. eBay recently launched such services company eBay Now. eBay Now is currently only tested in San Francisco will be closed. TaskRabbit, Postmates, Exec and Instacart and other start-up companies are testing the waters in this market. 
亚马逊 is also currently a number of cities and regions in the test America's "day of service" courier service, but San Francisco was not included. Provide faster delivery service will not have to set up too many 亚马逊 warehouse, so as to avoid paying sales tax in some states.

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