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Ultimate prospects of e-commerce logistics

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In the development process of e-commerce, as a tangible commodity activities to support logistics, has become an obstacle to the rapid development of e-commerce. Therefore, the coordinated development of logistics and e-commerce is the key to the future of Chinese e-commerce success. 
Governments play an active role in promoting the development of logistics 
First of all, the status quo of China's logistics industry in the current decentralized management, from the government's point of view, we should start with a clear management department, to establish a unified management organization coordinating body of national logistics agency or authority, by its commitment to the organization and coordination functions. Secondly, the government should develop a standardized logistics industry development policy, establishing a total logistics development goals. Government-led and guide enterprises to increase investment in joint logistics industry, unified logistics development plan, focusing on the construction and distribution logistics infrastructure, in order to change the current state of the logistics industry unreasonable layout, and on this basis, establish physical network of logistics, in order to improve the overall level of development of the logistics industry to lay the foundation. 
The realization of social and industrial distribution systems 
Logistics socialization and industrialization refers to the flow of agent system and distribution system combined logistics network through social rationalization layout dispersed logistics together, the formation of industrial, achieve economies of scale and zero inventory production logistics. To achieve social and industrial logistics and distribution system, the key is to establish a logistics center for e-commerce. Currently, it is desirable to build, build, or on behalf of the logistics center, logistics center, also known as the Agent third party logistics, e-commerce refers to business logistics center commissioned on behalf of the supplier or its mode of operation to complete logistics services. Such e-commerce businesses can put the main focus on the core business, and logistics-related business links, the specialized logistics companies to operate, in order to save and efficient. 
Realization of logistics and distribution system 
First of all, realize the logistics means of mechanization, automation and modernization. Logistics mechanized, automated, modern storage facilities and means of delivery. Such as warehouse, carousel, automatic sorting conveyor systems, conveyor hanging efficient, multi-functional logistics machinery. Secondly, to achieve logistics management modernization, standardization and institutionalization. The adoption of modern management concepts, management techniques and management tools, reform and optimize the existing organizational structure of logistics enterprises. Logistics and distribution companies to develop and standardize the procedures and management system, establish and improve the scientific management system, in order to improve the management level of logistics service level and logistics practitioners of quality and technical level. Finally, to achieve logistics information. 
Cultivate high-quality logistics management personnel 
On the logistics personnel training, first of all, the government should take the lead in operations management, including colleges and universities set about establishing academic education, logistics and vocational education, corporate job education, social education and training institutions to continue to combine with each other, a variety of levels, complementary training system accelerate the start of China's logistics personnel education project. Second, speed up the logistics of university education project. Government departments in charge of education, colleges and universities should be actively encouraged to combine their logistics professionals to explore the characteristics of curriculum and student training in various forms to promote China's logistics academic education, expand the scale of logistics management professional education.

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