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DHL cargo plane to enable a new generation to enhance the carrying capacity

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Under the agreement, DHL and Atlas Air Leasing Group signed the third quarter of 2012, DHL will be put into use next-generation B747-8 freighters to improve the company's air transport market in the Asia-Pacific energy. The new B747-8 freighter aircraft will be the first time for DHL Express service, which will replace two active B747-400 freighters. 
B747-8 will use the Atlas Airlines ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) business model, namely Atlas Air will be its owned aircraft leased to airlines, airlines just pay, others such as aircraft crew, maintenance, insurance and other matters, airlines are not required tenant is responsible, but also the aircraft fuselage change the style of painting into a lease airlines if necessary. Thus, the airline can avoid the peak period for multi-laden cargo freighters to buy, so the aircraft can carry out of stock when idle, resulting in wasted spending. The Atlas Air Freight Forwarders and without self-management business, simply by leasing aircraft and crews to the company's operations. 
B747-8 Freighter is the long-wheelbase models B747 cargo aircraft, using a new generation of engines and advanced technology, greater carrying capacity, higher fuel efficiency, maximum effective load by 130 tons, increased by nearly 20% compared B747-400 freighters . 
Atlas Air said that with the new B747-8 freighters, DHL courier carrying capacity and revenue-generating capacity in the Asia-Pacific market will be raised.

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