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TNT instructions

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1. The settlement price: the price not contain the fuel surcharge, settlement unit: RMB, name of country or region, please check carefully.
2. Size = length * width * height / 5000.
3. Do not accept contraband, fake imitation brand goods and chemicals, once found imitation goods phenomenon, button do cargo freight handling and fined ten thousand yuan;
4. Compensation can apply to the TNT by us, the final compensation will be subject to the compensation of TNT (reference: TNT capital sum for free shipping plus $one hundred);Part of goods is lost or broken
Loss we don't accept compensation.
5. This offer does not contain the destination customs tariffs, customs inspection, customs fines and storage charges and the charge because for the sender's responsibility caused by the product, if the recipient refuses to pay automatically more
Companies pay to delivery, and directly into your company account.
6. Don't accept pure battery
7. Goods sheet specifications for x120x150 (180) CM and 180 kg of the following, for up to 70 kg
8. Remote areas need to be attached to add extra fees, fee standards: each ticket fee of RMB 80 or RMB 3.5 per kg, with the most accurate (does not need to charge fuel surcharge)
9. A vote over 300 kg, or + 2 * (width + height), long need the booking in advance, and may cause delays.

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