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Fill in front of the main considerations of lading

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(1) The shipper (SHIPPER), usually the beneficiary of the credit. If the issuer to the needs of trade and, asked to do a third party bill of lading (THIRDPARTYB / L), may also do so. 
(2) the consignee (CONSIGNEE), such as bills of lading requirements, you can fill in the receipt of specific companies or consignee name; the case of a bill of lading, then fill in the "instructions" (ORDER) or "order" (TOORDER); For instructions specified in the bill of lading, may be based on different requirements, make "the order of shipper" (TOORDEROFSHIPPER), "consignee indication" (TOORDEROFCONSIGNEE) or "with the bank indicating" (TOORDEROFXXBANK). 
(3) notify the person (NOTIFYPARTY), which is the shipping company when the goods arrive at the port of destination to send notice of arrival of the recipient, and sometimes is the importer. When the bill of lading under the credit, such as letters of credit on the bill of lading shall be entitled to be notified of specific provisions, you must strictly follow the letter of credit required to fill. If the bill of lading or consignee bill of lading instructions and have the full address of the consignee, this column can not fill. If it is blank bill of lading or shipper of lading instructions must fill this column is the name and address of the person notified, otherwise the ship will not be able to contact the consignee, the consignee can not timely customs clearance delivery, even more than the customs regulations reporting time was confiscated. 
(4) Number of lading (B / LNO), typically listed in the upper right corner of the bill of lading to facilitate working relationships and verification. Consignor send shipment notifications (SHIPMENTADVICE) to the consignee, they should also set out the name of the vessel and the bill of lading number. 
(5) the name (NAMEOFVESSEL), should fill the cargo loaded and voyage. 
(6) the port of loading (PORTOFLOADING), should fill the specific name of the actual shipment port. 
(7) the port of discharge (PORTOFDISCHARGE), is listed unloaded actual port name. The case of transshipment port of discharge on the first leg of lading fill transshipment port, the consignee is two way shipping companies; the second leg of lading fill above the loading port transshipment port of discharge fill the final port of destination as indicated by the first shipping company through bill of lading (THROUGHB / L), the port of discharge to fill the final port of destination, set out in the first and second-Name lading. Such as a transshipment port, to display the words "VIAXX". In the use of container transport mode, currently using the "combined transport bill of lading" (COMBINEDTRANSPORTB / L), the bill of lading except specified port of loading, unloading port, but also set out the "receipt" (PLACEOFRECEIPT), "of delivery "(PLACEOFDELIVERY) as well as" the first leg of transport "(PRE-CARRIAGEBY)," Marine Vessel and voyage "(OCEANVESSEL, VOYNO). Fill in the port of discharge, but also pay attention to the port of the same name issues, such as the bill of lading is a choice, we must specify in this column. 
(8) cargo name (DISCRIPTIONOFGOODS), under the credit on goods name must be stated in the credit agreement. 
(9) Number and types of packaging (NUMBERANDKINDOFPACKAGES), according to the actual packing box is listed. 
(10) Marks (SHIPPINGMARKS), the provisions of the letter of credit must be according to the provisions for loss, otherwise it may Marks is listed on the invoice. 
(11) Gross weight, size (GROSSWEIGHT, MEASUREMENT), unless otherwise stipulated in the Credit are, in general, are listed in kilograms gross weight of the goods listed in cubic meters cargo volume. 
(12) Freight and Fees (FREIGHTANDCHARGES), usually paid (FREIGHTPREPAID) or to pay (FREIGHTCOLLECT). Such as CIF or CFR export, freight prepaid generally fill words, do not omission, or the consignee for freight will not receive the question, although finding out the situation, but delays in delivery times, will also result in losses. For FOB export, the freight can be made "freight" words, unless the consignee consignor commission advance freight.

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