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UPS Operating Instructions

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UPS sent to the United States via Hong Kong and Canadian private residential address, are subject to 23 yuan + month fuel surcharge per ticket. 
Fuel surcharge will vary monthly international fuel price fluctuations, please consult UPS website data. 
RETURNING fee offer does not contain tariffs, customs fines, storage and customs of the destination recipient liability arising from such recipient to pay will automatically change to pay for the shipping company, and directly included in the sender account single-site. 
One vote more than the total chargeable weight basis cargo waybill within the actual weight and volume weight of each parcel of the larger computing, billing per ticket package weight: every parcel of chargeable weight and, for example, there is a shipment 3 as follows: 
                                 Real heavy volume weight charge weight 
The first pieces of cargo 15KG 8KG 15KG 
The second shipment 10KG 20KG 20KG 
The third member of goods 15KG 16KG 16KG 
Then the total chargeable weight for this shipment: 15 + 20 + 16 = 51KG 
Remote fee income of $ 3.5 yuan per kilogram, the minimum charge 171 yuan a ticket again * Fuel month, please check themselves in remote areas, UPS remote fee charged valid for three months. 
Change of address fee per additional 77 yuan, 273 yuan per ticket highest, UPS change of address within three months to charge the cost of effective 
If the goods are rejected recipient, or because of other reasons unable to complete delivery, UPS will try to contact the sender for further instructions, if the sender requests returned the items, the sender will need to pay UPS additional fee of 78 yuan per ticket, (not including the return shipping and production duties and warehouse rental and other expenses included) 
The following shipments are subject to 40 yuan + fuel per month fee: (The following is a recurring charges, subject to the condition that they meet the cumulative surcharge) 
      1. irregular goods packed in cartons of goods 3. 2. Non-longest side exceeding 152CM 4. second long side than 76CM 5. single piece of solid weight over 32KG 
      The following shipment shall be added 388 yuan per month + fuel surcharge per piece :( The following is a recurring charges, subject to the condition that they meet the cumulative surcharge) 
(Width + height) * 2 + longer than 330CM, no more than 419CM. 
The following subject: HK $ 40 and HK $ 388 yuan + month fuel, according to the exchange rate of RMB 0.83 folded fee is subject to repeat count: 
Example 1: One-piece solid weight of more than 68kg but less than 80kg of fuel surcharge of HK 388+ month + $ 40 / piece, according to the exchange rate of RMB 0.83 folded charges 
Example 2 :( width + height) * 2 + grew less than 450cm to 330cm also the subject of HK $ 388 yuan + month fuel / piece, according to the exchange rate of RMB 0.83 folded charges 
Destination sender pay import duties and taxes are subject to additional charges 125 yuan / ticket charges. 
If you choose UPS Worldwide Express Plus service, adjustment Express announced the price charged, charge the expedited fee 320 yuan per ticket fuel surcharge * month. 
Transit of goods in the event of loss, damage, compensation for damages to the UPS prevail, but the maximum compensation will not be more than one hundred US dollars, subject to additional requirements, please purchase insurance on their own. 
All UPS channels such as delays, partial damage, partial loss, no compensation services. 
Non-document shipments need to provide commercial invoice (to be marked ingredients, origin declaration), otherwise deemed to have authorized me to declare on behalf of the Secretary, as a result of withholding customs declaration causes or delays, Division I shall not take the responsibility and costs.

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